What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps = Development + Security + Operations

DevOps security (Development and operations with security). It is a method of identifying security vulnerabilities in the development phase only.

A team member from development, operations, and cybersecurity; observe, evaluate, test, find and mitigate security vulnerabilities.

DevSecOps process can be automated by using an automation tool. Security plugins used to enhance the developer tools.

How DevSecOps does works?

Developer develops code parallel to information security. It helps the developer to take determined efforts to deal with security vulnerabilities.

Program managers, developers, security tester are the owner of security defects. In addition, they are responsible for defect status.

Security testing results are available in the developer tools and dashboards. According to the result, developers need to make changes in the code.

Security for DevOps (Best Practices)

“Secure code review” awareness should be created among the development team.

Application framework version, web server version, and other libraries should be updated on regular basis.

Automated security tools must cover maximum test cases related to source code or applications.

Most importantly, while developing code, the developer must ensure proper security controls are implemented for “Business logic” findings. For example, privilege escalation, parameter manipulation, since automated tools cannot detect business logic findings.

Issue tracking dashboard for developer and security tester should be the same.

What are the benefits of using DevSecOps?

• DevSecOps helps in money saving since security findings are closed during the development phase only.

• DevSecOps boost the pace of delivery.

• It helps to gain customer trust. Thus increases sales.

• DevSecOps makes infrastructure secure by reducing vulnerabilities.

• DevSecOps ensures secure design because of automated security testing tools, which scans application or code frequently.


Implementing security testing into the SDLC cycle helps an organization to create secure applications. DevSecOps is one of the best methods to get a better output in businesses. By using plugins, companies can automate all the security activities, which helps in a better return on investment.

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