What is a Robot?

What is a robot

What is a robot?

A robot is simply a programmable machine capable of performing actions. It is the combination of Mechanical device and electronic systems.

Nowadays Robots are being used in manufacturing industries, medical surgery, weapon industry, laboratory, industrial goods.

“Roomba” is the well-known and commonly used robot; a small, circular vacuum cleaner that can adjust to its environment through built-in sensors.

Robotics is the design, construction, operation, and use of robots and computer systems for their control, sensory and information processing.

Types of Robots

There are five types of robots:
1.Stationary robots: These robots are fixed in position with arms that can move.
2.Wheeled robots: These robots uses motorized wheels.
3.Legged robots: These robots uses mechanical limbs for movement.
4.Flying robots: These robots are mainly used in search and rescue missions.
5.Swimming robots: These robots are being used to test swimming costume performance and other underwater research.

Robot advantages

• Capable of performing multiple tasks.
• More precise and accurate than a human.
• More productivity and more profit in less time.
• Like a human, they do not fall sick.
• Robots can work in any environment.
• They are capable of lifting heavy loads.
• Increases safety.

Robot components

1. Controller

: It allows the robot to be networked to other systems, so that it can work together with other processes.

2. Sensor

: The sensor sends information, in the form of electronic signals to the controller. The robot’s CPU understand those signals and perform actions accordingly.

3. Arm

: It is a type of mechanical arm, programmable, with similar functions to a human arm.

4. End-Effectors

: It is the device at the end of a robotic arm, designed to interact with the environment.

5. Drive

: This component is used to move the joints of robot arm in required positions.

Technical components used in robots

1. Operating System

: Robot Operating System (ROS)

ROS is an open-source operating system and middleware for a robot. It runs in UNIX based platform only. It provides:
• Low-level device control
• Message passing between processes
• Package management
• Tools and libraries for obtaining, building, writing, and running code across multiple computers.

2. Robot programming languages

Below programming languages are used in robotics:

• C programming
• C++
• Python
• Assembly

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