What is Google Glass?

what is Google Glass?

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a wearable computer with Head-Mounted-Display (HMD is a display optic device, worn on the head like a helmet)

Glass displays information in a hands-free format and interacts with the Internet through voice commands.

Google glass is the latest technology, includes all options in smartphones. In addition, it interacts through an android operating system.

Features in Google Glass

There are two most commonly used features in Google Glass
1. Virtual reality
2. Augmented reality

Virtual reality:

This feature enables users to interact with a three-dimensional (3D) environment.

It is used in the field of education and training to experience virtual reality.

For example, you can swim with sharks, virtually.

Augmented reality:

It is a view of the reality modified by a computer.

It uses algorithms to amplify sound, video, graphics and other sensor-based inputs on real-world objects using the camera of your device

For example, you can watch a shark pop out of your business card.

Components used in Google Glass?

• Wearable computer or glasses
• Android Operating System
• Bluetooth
• Eye tap or camera
• Smart grid technology
• Microphone

what is Google Glass?

How does Google Glass work?

Google Glass follows user voice commands.

The video camera senses the environment and recollects the people, objects around it.

In which domain Google Glass can be used?

• Healthcare
• Journalism
• Mass Media
• Military
• Sports

Advantages of using Google Glass

• User-friendly.
• Emails check through voice commands.
• Capture pictures and record audios.

Disadvantages of using Google Glass

• People who have eye problem cannot use it.
• It cannot be used while driving.
• The face recognition may be easily misused.

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