What is LiFi?


What is LiFi?

LiFi stands for Light-Fidelity.

LiFi is an optical wireless communication technology. It uses LED light bulb for the transmission of data. There is no need for a hotspot for communication.

LiFi uses transceiver equipped with LED lights that can light a room & transmit and receive information.

LiFi gives better bandwidth, security, and availability.

What are the differences between WiFi and LiFi? – (lifi vs wifi)

WiFi uses radio waves and LiFi uses light for transmission of data. Light waves are faster than radio waves.

WiFi faces radio interference problem always and covers a small area only. Li-Fi can cover a large area and there is no interference problem.

WiFi uses Modem and Li-Fi uses transceiver equipped LED lights.

what are the advantages of using LiFi

Due to no-penetration through walls, LiFi provides high security.

Bandwidth high due to a broad spectrum. LiFi spectrum is 10000 times broader than WiFi. (Spectrum means: who can use which frequency ranges).

LiFi can be used in airplanes without affecting airline signals.

LiFi can be used in healthcare devices since no radio signals are used.

LiFi can be used underwater, since light travels in water also, unlike radio waves.

LiFi saves money since implementation and maintenance cost is low.

What components are used in LiFi?

• LED bulb for communication source
• Silicon photodiode works as a receiver
• Data conversation element
• Transmitter
• Data interpretation element

How LiFi works?

1. Data from the sender is transformed into byte format by using data conversation element (it works as a digital signal). Then byte format converted into light signals, which are discharged by the transmitter by creating an on-off pattern for LED.

2. Silicon photodiode received the light signal and identifies the on-off pattern of LED & creates a binary sequence for the same.

3. Then data interpretation element converts data into original value.


LiFi is very helpful and advanced technology as compared to Wi-Fi. This technology can be used in various domains like Healthcare, Airlines, Underwater, Traffic, Power plants, indoor wireless communication, etc. LiFi offers tremendous scope for future research and innovation.

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