What is VPN?

What is VPN?

What is VPN?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”.

VPN is a secure and private tunnel between two or more devices. It provides an encrypted connection over the internet.

In organizations, VPN is used to give remote access to their employees and branch offices, to securely communicate with the organization’s network.

How VPN works?

The user needs to install and start the VPN software in the system (at user endpoint).

Before the user browses any web page, VPN software encrypts the user data, at user endpoint only even before the ISP (internet service provider) sees.

When the user sends the request first it goes to ISP in encrypted form then VPN server and reaches the final destination server. Here the destination server can see the request coming from the VPN server only, not from any individual user.

It’s difficult to track the user or user system location. Only the VPN service provider knows the source user’s detail.

What protocol does VPN uses to secure data?

1. IKE v2: IKE stands for “internet key exchange”. VPN uses this protocol to negotiate the security association (SA) and IPsec tunnel.

NOTE: – Security association is a logical connection between two computing devices and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) is a framework that supports private and secure communication over IP network.

2. OpenVPN: This is the most secure VPN protocol. It’s an open source protocol. It does encryption based on keys, which are known to two endpoint systems of a communication channel.

What are the advantages of using VPN?

· It encrypts user data

· It gives privacy over the internet

· It hides user location and activities

· Low cost

· User can see blocked content due to geo-restrictions

· Geo-restricted files can be downloaded

· Sometimes it improves internet bandwidth

What are the disadvantages of using VPN?

· Good VPNs are not free of cost

· All VPNs cannot be trusted

· User does not know which type of logs does VPN service provider saves


Every technology or product has both advantages and disadvantages. So before purchasing any VPN product do a proper technical analysis of the product, check what features are available, compare with other VPN products, ask the experienced VPN user about the product.

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